Photos Himalayan plants in gardens

I think it makes sense to draw attention to and celebrate high quality images of Himalayan flora both in the wild and cultivation.  So as and when I come across something special photographically, they will be shared, in alphabetical order by genus and species:

Berberis chitria- the colouring fruits christened 'red hot chilli peppers' by staff at the Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh - according to them this was first introduced into cultivation in UK as far back as 1818 (that was before anyone with a botanical or horticultural interest made it into Kashmir or Ladakh). They give a distribution of Himachal Pradesh (Stewart collected this at Chamba, in Himachal Pradesh) more than a century later - he also determined a Ludlow & Sherriff collection at 2550m in Kashmir as this). Edinburgh describes this as the understory within Pinus wallichiana and Rhododendron arboreum forest.  Unfortunately, this is not an ideal garden plant as the specimen at Edinburgh has reached 5m high by 7m across, which are extraordinary dimensions - I have never seen a Berberis in the Himalaya approaching such a height, though I do concentrate upon higher elevation and more arid, exposed terrain. 'Flowers of the Himalaya' record a couple of the common Berberis as reaching 2-4m, so in a sheltered, protected spot in Britain, 5m would surely be achieved.

Dactylicapnos scandens (syn. Dicentra scandens) at University of British Columbia Botanical Garden; tough to expose right for yellow flowers