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The majority of photos in these guides were taken by Krishan Lal or Chris Chadwell and are their copyright, as is the case for all the contributors below:

In all other cases, the photographer is acknowledged and credited; do contact me at the earliest opportunity, if any mistakes have been made.  The images appear on this site with their kind permission - and are THEIR copyright.  Should you wish to use any of the photos on this site, for whatever purpose, you MUST contact Chris Chadwell, to secure permission from himself or the other photographers (in which case he will forward your request to them).

Other photographers (in alphabetical order):

Ashwini Bhatia (India) - further details to follow.

Joseph Chadwell (UK) - youngest son of Chris Chadwell, currently studying Human Sciences at University College, London.

Matthew Chadwell (Japan) - eldest son of Chadwell, a Physics graduate currently teaching English and Physics in Japan.

Feroze Khan & Mudita Badwhar (India) - further details to follow

The Late Krishan Lal (India) - first contacted Chris Chadwell in 2014 proposing they jointly publish a popular guide to the Flowers of the Western Himalaya, sending him a selection of high quality images taken in Himachal Pradesh.  It was not economic to produce a printed volume and given how poorly most people use 'Flowers of the Himalaya', Chris was reluctant anyhow, so proposed a digital guide but this would need to be split into regions/districts.  Sadly, Krishan  passed away before Chris was well enough to begin the project. Although it was only photos which Krishan contributed, all the rest has been completed by Chris Chadwell, it is appropriate, given how many he contributed, to honour him, albeit posthumously, as co-author.

Marie Meister (France) - a biologist who spent many years as a Drosophila geneticist, then shifted closer to natural history working in the Zoology Museum of Strasbourg, France.

His main research interest is the study of distribution patterns of vascular plants and bryophytes in Pyrenean peatlands. He has also participated in several floristic projects in the Pyrenees and in numerous campaigns of herborization in the western Mediterranean, but also Tian Shan, Himalaya, Caucasus and Tierra del Fuego. In addition, he works on vegetation mapping in NE Spain.

Dr D.S.Rawat (India)

Further details to follow

Dr Peter Storm (Germany)

His main fields of research are biotic and abiotic processes in terrestrial ecosystems, scientific fundamentals of nature conservation and techniques of ecological restoration.  He studies biodiversity, plant community composition and structure, population and vegetation dynamics and successional processes, on micro-scale (including succession of Cyanobacteria in biological soil crusts) and macro-scale (including vascular plant species and wild bee-plant interactions). The results of these studies help to clarify the causes of ruderalisation processes which threaten the nature conservation value of many ecosystem types throughout Europe.

Dr Lesley Turner (UK) -  further details to follow

Tom Turner (UK) - landscape architect and garden historian, working as a volunteer to help make a Dragon Garden for the Druk Padma Karpo School in Shey, Ladakh, India.

Marijn van den Brink (The Netherlands) - further details to follow