Contributions to B.S.B.I.

I have decided to add details of various contributions I made to what was previously the Botanical Society of the British Isles:

ANNUAL EXHIBITION MEETING 1985 (held at the British Museum [Natural History] London)

Exhibition (held in General Herbarium)

I staged a small exhibit of herbarium specimens loaned for the day from the main herbarium, entitled SOME MORE BRITISH SPECIES FROM THE WESTERN HIMALAYA:
Achillea millefolium  collected by Polunin in 1956; Adoxa moschatellina var. inodora collected by Duthie in 1892; Campanula latifolia collected by Ludlow & Sherriff in 1940; Dactylis glomerata collected by Polunin in 1956; Hippuris vulgaris collected by Zino in 1978; Lotus corniculatus collected by Polunin in 1956;  Oxyria digyna collected by the Southampton University Botanical Expedition to Zangskar in 1981; Veronica beccabunga collected by Robson in 1971.

One unfavourable comment was made, wondering why I wasted my time showing "boring" species.....  One should view such ignorant people with contempt....

To be continued.