Correctly identified entries to 'efloraofIndia' (Eastern Himalaya)

Berberis griffithiana  (Berberidaceae)
I spent a lot of time explaining about the difficulties of identifying Berberis.  The images of this species were taken in Nepal.  At the time I was blissfully unaware that Dr Adhikari, had, with Western taxonomists, completed a revision of the genus in Nepal, which had been published in the Edinburgh Journal of Botany in 2012  (see:  The problem is that when contributors to efloraofIndia simply suggest a species name, not indicating whether it is a firm identification or speculative (which they are encouraged to do) and when they are in a position to explain why but do not do so, we can often be none the wiser. Those with expertise need to share it.  Berberis is a difficult genus identification-wise, regardless of whether a revision has taken place.  As I had said I thought it was not B.griffithiana (or at least what I understood to be this), Dr Adhikari should have told us why it was!  His revision has reduced the number of species down to 20 including 2 new ones, from 30 (32).  I shall gradually go through this revision and see what I think - my initial feeling is that it appears overly-simplified.....