Distress caused by adverse publicity - Chris never paid bribes in India; perhaps this is his problem?

Chris has been deeply upset by the unjust character assassination which has taken place.  He wonders how much these organisations pay to have their articles to appear at the top of google searches?  This took place at a time when Chris was significantly ill, suffering from serious pain for much of every day - talk about "kicking someone when they are down" and unable to defend themselves. He is only just recovering sufficiently to respond properly.  Having devoted his adult life to the study, cultivation and conservation of Himalayan flora, operating off a shoe-string budget, his portrayal as some sort of villain, is wrong. He cares deeply about the plants, environment and peoples of the Himalaya.  Neither the BBC nor anyone they employ could give a damn - if they did, they would have investigated the real issues, not perpetuated the 'smoke-screen' as to what actually is damaging Himalayan flora, but wished to avoid doing that, as it would have embarrassed some very senior figures, as Chris' evidence will expose..... And it would have required hiring journalists who actually have relevant training and expertise in the issues involved. The so-called journalist who troubled Chris, clearly did not and was totally out of his depth. Not that the BBC is willing to ask difficult questions of Indian botanists and organisations who submit fraudulent claims about species they say are endangered, when they are no such thing.  It is awfully difficult to discover which plants are rare and which are abundant, sat in an office....

Chris has advised his sons, that once he dies, no formal funeral is to take place.  Since he has been shat upon by the BBC and then a specialist horticultural society, he insists he is to be cremated, with his ashes tipped down the road drain nearest to the Incinerator which is not far from where he lives o the outskirts of Slough!

Combined with the medication he has been taking in an attempt to control his pain, his unfair treatment by the BBC, left him clinically depressed and suicidal (not, one should emphasise out of guilt from wrong-doing, because his conduct has always been honourable and ethical).  On a number of occasions he was close to taking a taxi (he does not drive) to Iver railway station to re-enact how his grandfather had ended his life. Leonard Allan Chadwell M.C. was awarded his Military Cross for bravery at the end of World War II, having been the first to volunteer from the village of Iver for Kitchener's Army.  But like Chris, he was a thoughtful, sensitive person.  Thinking too much during wars is not a healthy attribute.  He survived the war but was never the same again.  During the Depression, the family business ran into difficulties, and after his father passed away, Leonard's father's brother decided to legally split. Getting into debt was a serious matter in those days. A meeting in London was to take place the next day, which was on his mind.  That evening, there was a Fireworks display in Iver; people remarked how loud some of the bangs were, reminding them of war-time explosions.  Did they bring back terrible memories for Leonard?  He left a note saying that he was a failure.  His decapitated body was found beside the railway track near to Iver Station, his head quite some distance away.  His neck had been put on a track.

He left a distraught eight-year-old son (Chris' father, who was never the same again, as his wonderful Dad just disappeared, nobody ever offering an explanation - he eventually found out, aged eighteen, when he came across his father's death certificate in a draw and read the all-too-graphic description).

Those involved in Chris' mistreatment by the BBC and the specialist horticultural society, should be ashamed of themselves but are not, as they are perfectly aware of the ignorant, tabloid-level of journalism which is prevalent today.  Members of the society believe what is broadcast and written by the BBC.  They trust the BBC, not realising that the staff routinely mislead and downright lie.  Their so-called journalists behaving as if they are a law unto themselves.

Chris has long had a low opinion of journalists and rightly so.  He requests you take the time to read the offending article published on-line (a link to it will shortly be added) and then Chris' detailed evidence/defence (which he shall gradually add) then judge for yourself if he was treated fairly and do be careful who you trust in the future. Would Chris be so open and share such private and personal information if he did not have a case.

Chris did write a complaint to the Head of BBC World Service prior to publication of the on-line article.  The response was highly unsatisfactory but there was no point in taking the matter further, as no doubt the Director-General would have written back in the same fashion, "covering the backs of those concerned".  Chris is, after all, a nobody, and as such, is of no consequence.  At least Chris can honestly look himself in the face in the bathroom mirror......  Those in powerful positions have a duty to conduct themselves honourably, especially as British people are of the opinion they and our institutions are superior to those in other countries.  Are they really?  The BBC conducts itself as it does because, we collectively permit it.  At least Chris' grandfather, who fought so bravely for his country, did not live to witness how his grandson was treated.