Fund-raising in the UK

It has never been my way to made a big deal of my efforts for charity but as my reputation has been severely as a result of the LIES published by the BBC, defending my honour has become important to me.  Thus, I am sharing a good deal of personal and what I would view as private information.  I never expected nor sought awards but to be portrayed so unfairly as a villain by a CORRUPT Nepalese journalist employed by the BBC (which thus either must be extraordinarily naïve or corrupt themselves), I am entitled to stick up for myself.  In addition to the significant fund-raising for The Britain-Nepal Medical Trust, I have done my bit for a range of charities in the UK - most of which I had completely forgot about.  My memory has been poor since the at first un-diagnosed condition, has taken its toll.  Whilst not many people have heard of 'peripheral neuropathy', they can understand that major pain (and I take pain better than most) for the majority of every single day for 4 years, would be debilitating both physically and mentally.  Of late, my short-term memory has been alarmingly poor.  On several occasions I have got to the front of the queue at Slough Railway Station, only to not be able to remember which station I want ticket for!  The day after delivering a digital presentation about Kashmir to a U3A in the UK, I could not remember its name or the station I had been to....

ORCHID OPEN DAY AT MILFAM FORD, OXFORD (June 1997) - a nature trail featuring BEE ORCHIDS in flower, together with COMMON SPOTTED ORCHIDS and many other meadow flowers.  Chris delivered 3 illustrated talks on 'Medicinal plants, from Milham Ford to Tibet'. Admission 50p per person. All proceeds to Plantlife, BBONT and school conservation group. Chris paid for the privilege of delivering these presentations covering the cost of travel by train from his home to Oxford then bus to the school. Upon reflection, his conservation activities have been more worthwhile and deserving than Plantlife's international ones!

I am currently (as of June 2018) been going through back-copies of the Himalayan Plant Association Journal, from 1990, having reached 2003), selecting some of the articles I had written for the journal to be included in the page on 'Books and Articles written by me on this web-site.  Initially, I am just going through the Contents page but will, in time, read each article and not just mine.  Within 'First Word - The Editor's View' for the next Himalayan plant Association Journal to be sent out in July, I am mentioning my wish to hold a meeting at my house/garden, as it has been some years since the last gathering thus I wish to find out when that was.  In the August 2000 Newsletter (as our journal was at that time), is an account of an association meeting in Wales.  This took place on a Sunday in June.  The previous evening, I gave a slide-show entitled 'Plant hunting in the Himalaya', the attendance, in excess of 50, was a good showing in such a small community, since it is never easy to generate an audience from scratch (as anyone who has tried, will bear testament) as opposed to regular monthly meetings of clubs and societies.  A combination of ticket sales, a raffle and plant stall (all organised by Rosemary Pryce and her team of helpers - at the time she ran Rosemary's Farmhouse Nursery but this appears to be no more - if any members know where she is now, do let me know) generated some £300 in aid of the local County Air Ambulance, which was definitely a worth-while cause.

There are other events, which I shall recount, IF I can find the details.  I have just remember speaking in St Laurence church some years back for a charity - probably towards the church itself, perhaps suggested by Dr. Rev. Jeremy Hurst, the Rector of Langley, St,Mary's.  The church I spoke in, is the oldest building in Slough.  In the 12th Century the wooden parish church of Upton was replaced with a flint one. It is the final resting place of Astronomer, Sir William Herschel (born in Germany).

No doubt there are others which I cannot, for the time being, bring to mind.