U.K. gardeners NOT interested in VICTIMS of Nepal Earthquake

Despite the efforts of the editor giving a plug for my fund-raising efforts for the victims of the 2015 earthquake, not one contacted me to hold a garden sale for the Britain-Nepal Medical Trust and only one bought the seed I donated to the cause!  Disappointing to say the least. They did not see the connection between garden plants they enjoy originating in the Himalaya and any obligation to help.... I think this reflects the reality. Just as my experience suggests hardly anyone in the West could care less about the plight of Himalayan flowers.... I was contacted by one society to give a lecture for free with them making a donation but once the prime mover behind the idea was taken ill (who was going to host me), it all fell through.....

I think that few gardeners realise that the vast majority of plants in gardens originate in other countries and without material introduce to the UK, they would have only a small fraction of what they enjoy.