In 1992 Chris headed for, 'The Land of the Long White Cloud' as New Zealand is known to the Maoris - like many famous botanists before him.

But first, he was woken early to help a son of John McIntye, who was hosting me near New Plymouth, milk their 575 cows in a state-of-the-art milking parlour at Waitui, February 1992

L to R: Ian McIntyre, Chris Chadwell, Victor McIntyre

Chris Chadwell with John McIntyre at the Chelsea Flower Show in 1985. They had met in Kashmir during Chris' Botanical Expedition in 1983; John had been on a Tramping (Trekking) holiday with other New Zealanders.  Seven years later John hosted him during his time in the North Island of New Zealand.

For more information about New Zealand, see the account of Chris' uncle Douglas Chalk, founder of the UK Hebe Society &


I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in New Zealand plants - in fact it provides sound advice concerning the cultivation of 'alpine' plants from any region of the world.

Whilst the colour reproduction in those days (published in 1968) left a lot to be desired, some are fine and the actual photos are generally of a high standard - I briefly met Salmon during my lecture tour in New Zealand in 1991, when a helicopter trip had been organised, allowing a group a rapid excursion into the hills. Salmon knew his stuff, providing brief, intelligent descriptions of each species, a majority of which are illustrated.

The 'Giant Himalayan Lily' - an invasive weed at Pukeiti, introduced by seed from Nepal in the 1950s or 1960s - it has grown too well, yet most gardeners would be delighted to succeed with this magnificent lily!

Postcard purchased during my visit to Pukeiti

Front page of the latest PUKEITI Newsletter which I receive - when the Himalayan Plant Association had printed newsletters, then journals, these were sent on an exchange basis.  The connection developed as a result of my visit to Pukeiti 25 years ago and there interest in Rhododendron, a genus which is well-represented in the Himalaya along with Pukeiti's connections with Sikkim.