Images of 19th century pressed (botanical) specimens

Below you will find scanned in images of pressed specimens of plants gathered by amateurs in the 1880s and 1890s from Kashmir to the source of the Ganges

A Himalayan Edelweiss (LEONTOPODIUM  SP.) from near the source of the Ganges, 1892

'Silver Fern' (CHEILANTHES FARINOSA  Syn. C.BICOLOR) collected in Kashmir in 1898 -  a low level Silver Fern with the lower surfaces of the fronds a beautiful white is found from Hazara to Burma (now Myanamar) @ 700-1200m

Under-side of the leaf of a 'Silver Fern' photographed near Dalhosiae, Himachal Pradesh in 2012


A climbing fern -? LYGODIUM  SP. from Ganges Valley in 1892

GENTIANA  STIPITATA - pale blue flowers with dark stripes; near source of Ganges, 1892

Fern from Martund Temple, near Gangabal, Kashmir, 1898

Anemones found at Shimla in 1897 - are these just cultivars?

'Maiden-hair fern'  (ADIANTUM  SP.)   Ganges Valley, 1898

SWERTIA  SP. (a member of Gentian family), Tragbal, Kashmir, 1898

'Kashmir Bell-flower' (CAMPANULA ?CASHMIRIANA) Kashmir 1898

'Larkspur' (DELPHINIUM  SP.) - Kashmir, 1898


CODONOPSIS  SP.  pale blue stripped on pass between Lidder and Sind Vallet, Kashmir, 1899 - EITHER C.OVATA  or C.OBTUSA; need to check the differences

A white rose (ROSA SP.) on pass between Lidder and Sind Valley, Kashmir, 1899

CYANANTHUS  SP.  - Ganges Valley, 1892