The late Dr Walter Koelz, zoologist and plant collector in the Western Himalaya and borderlands of Western Tibet for the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, USA in the 1930s, felt "THAT KNOWLEDGEABLE HUMAN BEINGS OUGHT TO BE ABLE TO IDENTIFY THE PLIGHT OF PLANTS AND ANIMALS AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT - SINCE FLORA AND FAUNA WERE THE VICTIMS OF HUMAN INTERFERENCE".  He left some of his money to a small college, his alma mater, but the majority went for the protection of animals and plants, through the US Nature Conservancy, as he judged it "BETTER TO LEAVE MY MONEY TO THE ANIMALS.  PEOPLE WOULDN'T BENEFIT FROM IT, BUT THE ANIMALS MIGHT".

He would be distressed as to what has NOT happened in terms of the lack of proper study of plants and animals in the Western Himalaya since his botanical and ornithological surveys there more than 80 years ago, such that much of the SUPPOSED 'conservation' efforts are, I am reluctant but feel obliged to state,  in fact fake with false submissions as to the CLAIMED rarities being endangered, when almost all the plant species listed as 'Critically Endangered' are no such thing! This even applies to the plant species from the Western Himalaya listed within CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) - which makes a mockery of such measures.... "Crocodile tears" are shed, whilst ever increasing 'rules, regulations and laws' are enforced, with the objective of 'protecting' Himalayan flora and flora - yet will do the opposite. I cannot but conclude that regional governments, scientists and conservationists could not actually care less about the PLIGHT OF PLANTS and ANIMALS in this part of the world, only 'pretend' to be, meanwhile international organisations stand by, seemingly unaware of what is going on. The 'real' rarities have been abandoned to their fate.  Chris Chadwell recognises this and has the evidence to substantiate what he says but he is not being listened to by the "powers-that-be", who are unwilling to address the REAL issues.....  IF you care, support and encourage Chris in his efforts.....   Why on earth would he be "making this up"?  It is not easy or comfortable to challenge powerful people and institutions....