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TO SOW A SEED IS A NOBLE DEED;  PROPAGATION IS CONSERVATION (Professor Norm Deno, State College, Pennysylvania)

Be Proud of Growing and Studying plants originating from the USA and Canada - along with supporting botanical and conservation projects for North American flora.  We cater for a wide range of interests and backgrounds - all are made welcome and valued. However, the emphasis will be on those which would prove hardy if grown outside in the UK (and similar climates) or require a minimum of protection.

Typical genera found in North America:


What do you get for your annual subscription to the North American Plant Association?   Three LIBERALLY illustrated digital journals/year (an indication of their content can be seen below), access to a Seed Exchange of the highest quality (albeit modest numerically) anywhere in the world; meetings around the UK (where plant exchanges will take place).

Annual Subscription Rate:  £10 (payable by pay pal, [there will be a small additional amount to cover their transaction charges] by cheque [only for UK members], or cash  [£10 sterling, $14* dollars or 13* Euros] * These figures (as of July 2016) are much lower than previously, due to drop in value of sterling!  Membership of most serious societies is treble this amount.....


Secretary and Editor:  Chris Chadwell      Slough, Berks  ENGLAND


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