Is it wrong to have gardens?

I continue to NOT really understand the basis which has caused me so much distress in recent weeks (which would be inappropriate to comment upon in detail) - so sorry for the 'mysterious' element involved.

My current thinking is that SOME think it is now and has always been MORALLY wrong to have gardens!  AFTER ALL, EVERY PLANT IN EVERY SINGLE GARDEN IN THE WORLD IS "NATURAL SOURCE" i.e. they all came from the wild at some point (in some cases they were subsequently bred and selected)  AND THAT THE VAST MAJORITY OF PLANTS IN EVERY GARDEN IN THE WORLD, ORDINATED IN OTHER COUNTRIES!

Garden lovers appreciating a garden - what is wrong with this?

Please do read through the other pages in this section of this web-site, along with the other pages covering Himalayan plants and P.N.Kohli/P.Kohli & Co.  Might I be entitled to think that any fair-minded person might conclude that Prem Nath Kohli was a great man, insightful before his times and that Chris Chadwell, odd and eccentric though he certainly is, to have devoted his life to the study, cultivation and conservation of Himalayan flora, deserves a "pat on the back", rather than for attempts to be made to portray him and by association P.N.Kohli in, at the very least, an "unfavourable light".  It is rather more serious than that but, again, it would be inappropriate to comment further.  Happy Days as one horticultural figures says - except it has not been 'happy' for me.