Memorial Himalayan Garden

Following the re-start of the Himalayan Plant Association in 2016, it is time to restore the KOHLI MEMORIAL HIMALAYAN GARDEN - which operated as the world's smallest botanical garden for a period of some 20 years from the early 1990s, housed within the garden of a modest semi-detached house (built in the early 1960s) on the outskirts of Slough (not far from Heathrow and Windsor)!  Ultimately, the intention is to make it into an accessible, albeit very small, display garden on behalf of the Himalayan Plant Association and as a reference source for genuine Himalayan material.  This will enable photographs and pressed specimens to be taken to enhance Chris Chadwell's REFERENCE collection of HIMALAYAN FLORA helping IMPROVE the reliability of IDENTIFICATION of species in the Himalaya and our gardens) - setting an example for others, including large botanic gardens, to follow.  Unless plants are ACCURATELY and RELIABLY identified, whether in the wild or cultivation it is IMPOSSIBLE to conserve them!  As things currently stand, a significant proportion of plants in the Himalaya and 'Himalayan' specimens in cultivation are misidentified.

17th April 2017

VIBURNUM  COTINIFOLIUM  just coming into flower.

Corolla funnel-shaped of VIBURNUM  COTINIFOLIUM.

Yellow anthers within the pretty flowers of VIBURNUM  COTINIFOLIUM

Stellately-tomentose underside of lower surface of  VIBURNUM  COTINIFOLIUM leaf.


14th April 2017

CLEMATIS MONTANA climbing up tall shrubs at the rear section of the garden.

Impressive display just as flowers have fully opened and turned white.

Early bronze-coloured - leaves with 3 ovate-lanceolate acute toothed leaflets.

Specimen collected for drying and pressing to add to Stewart Memorial Herbarium of Himalayan plants.


10th April 2017

Fine display of CLEMATIS MONTANA flowers changing from pale green in bud to white - this had climbed to over 4m.

Pale green anthers and filaments within white CLEMATIS  MONTANA

Pale green anthers and filaments within white CLEMATIS  MONTANA

Softly reddish-white-hairy emerging leaves of QUERCUS  SP.

Softly reddish-white-hairy emerging leaves of QUERCUS  SP.