Lodge Farm Junior School, Stevenage - happier days at a good, safe school

Chris Chadwell photographed at Lodge Farm Junior School, Mobbsbury Way, Chells, Stevenage, aged 9 or 10 - he was only there for a couple of years but from his smiling face you can see that he was happy, the exact opposite of what was to happen at The Barclay School, a secondary in 'Old' Stevenage. He does recollect a narrow escape from a serious injury when he slipped or fell onto one of the wooden 'boxes' with sharp edges, moved about in the hall to make a stage during indoor Physical Education, narrowly missing his right eye; the scar remains to this day (he was not keen on stitches) warranting inclusion under distinguishing marks on his passport.  He recalls watching the moon landing on the school's single black & white television in 1969.

Had he been allocated a place at Nobel Secondary School (5 minutes walk away from his house), where all his new friends at Lodge Farm went, his life would no doubt have been transformed for the better. His mother, rightly removed Chris' elder sister from Bedwell, after complaining to Hertfordshire's Chief Education Officer about her daughter's mistreatment there (about which she kept quiet initially), transferring to Barclay (where she fared well herself but failed to project him);  he was allocated a place at Bedwell (where he unquestionably would have been physically assaulted in addition to mental mistreatment which is inevitable in a school with such a poor reputation) - correctly his mother refused, leading to a cycle ride of some 4 miles either way (occasionally having stones thrown at him, as the route went past Bedwell school; on one occasion a probably 5th form 16-year-old holding a brick stopped him on the way home) to 'Old' Stevenage. To be fair, his treatment at Bedwell would have been worse than what transpired at Barclay.

Front cover of project about School in his final year at Junior School - his handwriting remains poor to this day, along with punctuation and so on.

Chris Chadwell was in the final year of Junior School in September 1968 - July 1969 (entering Secondary School in September 1069)

Part of a Project about Greece written soon after I arrived at Lodge Farm Junior School, aged 9 - note the lack of punctuation ...

Another project.

The Slave Trade - capturing slaves in Africa.

Starvation in Biafra (Nigeria).