NOT Suffering Fools Gladly ........... Do you expect stupid people to love you for showing them up?

I have long been BLESSED or is it CURSED, with "NOT SUFFERING FOOLS GLADLY".  In my case, I am NOT automatically critical of those not endowed with the same level of intelligence as myself, indeed am very WILLING to devote time to help anyone wishing to learn. However, I do take exception to those holding SENIOR posts or positions of power/responsibility who patently know very little about what they SHOULD or have been appointed to specialise in and do not recognise the limitations of their knowledge - be they politicians, government officials, journalists, TV personalities!

I consider that with "power" comes RESPONSIBILITY. This has created difficulties for me.  On quite a number of occasions I have felt compelled to "SPEAK OUT" and "STAND UP" for those who cannot do so themselves.  When I have subsequently asked for help from those in positions of power to PROTECT the vulnerable and discovered not only do they OFTEN decline to intervene but "protect" the wrong doers, it has been troubling and disheartening.....

Apparently, the phrase originally came from William Tyndale's 1534 translation of the Bible.  "Paul was ripping into the decadent citizens of Corinth for turning away from his authoritative teaching and falling for a bunch of second-rate false apostles.  'For ye suffer fools gladly', Paul says with withering sarcasm, 'seeing ye yourselves are wise'...  (according to 'The New York Times' The Opinion Pages 1/4/2013).