Kohli Recommended: DON'T BAN collection & cultivation seeds

Chris Chadwell - key-note speaker at the 2nd Kohli Commemorative Event in Delhi © Chris Chadwell

34 years ago, Prem Nath Kohli was interviewed for an article in the 'Himalayan Journal' (published in 1985) about his life as a nurseryman and seedsman.  He was asked if he had any suggestions for the Government?  He was pleased that something was being thought regarding environmental development of his country.  But there is no point in banning certain wild seeds, he said (or what appears to be the present case to BAN everything)! "They should be CONSERVED and CULTIVATED.  I have always been for drug (he means LEGAL medicinal species) farming and cultivation of RARE species.  With ecological imbalances, fast disappearance of forests and increasing population, hundreds of species are bound to become extinct UNLESS cultivated.  Only three decades ago Pampore (in the Kashmir Valley) used to abound in the most beautiful TULIPA LANATA which grew on sod-roofs.  When the tin roofs became popular, it simply disappeared.  Rats are particularly fond of the bulbs and it never seeded..... I had exported a few of them about thirty five years ago to vam Tubergen and Cor de Rees of Holland.  I wonder if they have them now?"

Kohli stressed quality control and PRESERVATION OF RARE SPECIES.  He wanted the lovely gifts of nature to be enjoyed in posterity, as his generation had - BUT THE PRESENT GENERATION AND GOVERNMENT MUST LEARN TO CARE FOR THEM.  But are they?  Ever-increasing rules and regulations are NOT the answer.  As I explain on this web-site, far from PROTECTING AND CONSERVING Himalayan flora, such things are HARMING the well-being of plants - WHILST EVERY DAY THAT PASSES, THE GENUINELY RARE AND ENDANGERED SPECIES HAVE BEEN ABANDONED. Or is this some misconceived idea that 'foreigners' are somehow exploiting the Himalaya as had happened in days of the British in India!?  I am sure Kohli would politely suggest GREATER international collaboration with the likes of Chris Chadwell, whom he respected!  Why not realise the wisdom of Kohli, after all Chris Chadwell was SHARING and PUTTING BACK the knowledge and expertise he had accumulated (including what he learnt from Kohli) long before Nagoya......

Kohli also advised about the conduct of any future nurserymen, which should apply the world over see: https://sites.google.com/a/shpa.org.uk/main/p-n-kohli-s-suggestions-for-the-future-nurserymen-of-Kashmir