Police Constable (briefly); invaluable training for challenging situations

My basic training class at Ryton-on-Dunsmore Police Training Centre near Coventry - can you spot me, seventh from left on back row; when I voluntarily resigned (nothing untoward had happened, just in case anyone is wondering) I contacted the impressive sergeants in charge of the training - they replied saying that it was no surprise that I had left the police but had I stuck it to reach at least Inspector level, then there would have been a place for me near the top of the service (given my independent spirit, I suspect I may not have secured the highest appointments). Although my time in the police was strictly limited, it represented invaluable training for more 'challenging' situations in life, most recently, an irritating reporter.... My mother had not been happy that I joined, fearing for my safety; my father was shocked at my initial decision but was then proud - only to not being able to comprehend, as a graduate (in my day only a fraction of students reached University) that I had given up a secure, well-paid profession, having struggled so much financially all his life. 

Passing Out Parade inspection at Ryton-on-Dunsmore (south of Coventry) Police Training Centre by The Duke of Kent (H.R.H. Prince Edward) - he stopped and spoke to me, observing that I looked mature for my age!  Recruits for the Hertfordshire Constabulary were normally trained in Oxon or Kent but the numbers were low for a Royal Inspection, so we made up numbers with officers from West Midlands, Leicestershire etc.