P.G.C.E. (Science) Open University

My G.P.,kindly supporting the deferment of completion of my Open University Post Graduate Certificate of Education - this was a sound decision, as all my three sons have slept poorly (I have been envious of little during my life but am dismayed when I hear of other people who have babies who sleep solidly for 8, 10 or even 12 hours).  I am a light sleeper (even with ear plugs), whereas my wife could sleep through a riot, so would unquestionably have been utterly exhausted during the final months of teaching and exams.  In the end I did not return.  A combination of serious problems within the department of my main placement school and the Open University's approach (which led to me failing one of my tutor-marked assignments for not "towing the party line) got me thinking that it made no sense for me to continue.  Whilst, my wife's earnings were modest, combined with what I could generate part-time, juggled with bringing up my three sons, matched, and with over-time on her part, exceeded, the starting salary of a mature teacher.  Yes, the NUT rep told us 'mature' graduate that school's would give us a year's seniority for every three worked in a position relevant to our teaching subject, I knew otherwise.  A spell as a governor at a local secondary school taught me how tight school budgets were and to adequately staff schools in less prosperous areas, the senior management relied upon employing as many new graduate at the bottom of the pay scales (i.e. three newly qualified teachers for the price of two experienced/more senior ones).  Furthermore, staff at any school would not be impressed if a newly qualified teacher, with no actual teaching experience, was paid as much as experienced existing staff members!