Saxifraga chadwellii - a new species!

Is this collection really new to science?  There is no record of this, even as synonym or invalid name, in 'The Plant List'.... An oversight or perhaps the are suspicious, with good reason, as to the validity of the vast number of species being 'new-to-science' from Indian botanists....

I am amused that Dr Wadwha acknowledges me for loaning him the specimens of what he had decided was Saxifraga chadwellii - there are anumber of major problems here.  Firstly, I did not 'loan' him the specimens, as they are held in the herbarium of the Natural History Museum in London. Secondly, I had not collected the specimens anyhow!  They were collected by members of the University of Southampton Botanical Expedition to Zangskar in 1981, the year after my expedition, when I was team-leader of the botanical project within the University of Southampton Ladakh Expedition 1980... Rather a serious error I would say - however, to name the plant after me was not unreasonable as I went on to explore for plants in Ladakh in 1983, 1986, 1987, 1991, 1992, 2011, 2012, whereas for members of the 1981 team, this was their one and only expeditions, as is most often the case for student expeditions.  However, the most important consideration is whether this really is a 'new' species?  I shall comment further