Scientific and Conservation Projects in the Himalaya

Chris offers a free identification service for plants photographed in the Himalaya; see:

Chris is compiling a digital photographic guide to the flora of the Western Himalaya; see:

In 2010 Chris established the FLOWERS FIT FOR A DALAI LAMA Plant Conservation Project,  offering long-term advice on the cultivation and identification of Himalayan plants used in Tibetan Medicine.  See:

Through awards of the KOHLI MEMORIAL GOLD MEDAL, on behalf of the Himalayan Plant Association, recognition is brought to individuals (past and present-day), along with Institutions  which have made a significant contribution to the study, cultivation or conservation of Himalayan flora;  see:

In 2015 Chris began his SAVE OUR PLANET'S RARE PLANTS CAMPAIGN; see:
HIMALAYAN PLANT ASSOCIATION (this ran from 1990-2012) and has just re-started, see:
Chris wishes to explain the ENORMOUS potential of utilising modestly-priced digital cameras to regularly take MANY images of DIFFERENT parts of plants (not JUST a few of the 'pretty' bits).  This could GREATLY improve RELIABILITY of identification of plants in the wild and cultivation throughout the world, REVOLUTIONISING their CONSERVATION: