New Seed Catalogue - January 2018

I am pleased to announce that Chadwell Seeds (Established in 1984) is back - with a modest listing within an illustrated catalogue, available as a pdf, which will be sent upon request.  See front page below. Contact Proprietor Chris Chadwell:

Items available (from cultivated sources) include: ARISAEMA flavum, ARISAEMA consanguineum, ARISAEMA jacquemontii, ARISAEMA tortuosum, GERANIUM himalayense, GERANIUM wallichianum, INDIGOFERA heterantha, INULA racemosa, IRIS crocea, IRIS delavayii, IRIS douglasiana, IRIS notha, LILIUM martagon, NEPETA leucophylla, PELTOBOYKINIA watanabei, POLEMONIUM caeruleum subsp. himalyanum, POTENTILLA cuneata, ROSA brunonii, ROSA nanothamnus, SINOPODOPHYLLUM (Podophyllum) hexandrum, VINCETOXICUM hirundinaria.

What is special about Chadwell Seeds?

Whilst this may be one of the shortest listings of seed, it can justifiably claim to be the highest quality both in terms of viability and supplying the genuine items, all at remarkable value - other sources of seed, whether they be commercial seed companies, society seed exchanges and even botanic garden seed lists (index semina) typically offer a significant proportion of misidentified species - at times more than 50%!  Yes, Chris Chadwell does have evidence to support his claim - so buy from the best, as quality is worth supporting.  Read more within this web-site, join the Himalayan Plant Association or consult his digital guide to the flowers of the north-western Himalaya (see:


Hedychium spicatum HIMALAYAN GINGER-LILY - flowers

Hedychium spicatum HIMALAYAN GINGER-LILY - fruit

Geranium himalayense TIBETAN CRANESBILL

 'KASHMIR GOLDEN IRIS' (Iris crocea) - just noticed (February 2018) that this is supposedly for sale on Amazon for $9.95 + p&p; this sum secures you 12 seeds, except it is clearly not Iris crocea but merely some cultivar!  See for yourself:

Freshly gathered seed of the 'KASHMIR GOLDEN IRIS' (Iris crocea) (September 2017)