I am pleased to announce that Chadwell Seeds (Established in 1984) is back - with a modest listing within an illustrated catalogue, available as a pdf, sent upon request.  See the front page of this catalogue and some illustrations, below.
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* Seed from this catalogue has already started germinating after being sown in early April
(see:  'Chadwell' seeds do exhibit excellent viability -
and there is still time to sow this year.  Sowing is OK until early June (in the Northern Hemisphere).

Chris Chadwell visiting Mrs Urvashi Suri, Proprietor of P.Kohli & Co., in Delhi in 2003 to be key-note speaker at 1st Kohli Commemorative Event - Chadwell Seeds was established in 1984, in association with P.Kohli & Co. (itself founded in 1928).

Chris Chadwell has always 'played by the rules' and continues to do so (do not believe the lies in the BBC on-line article a couple of years ago - scroll down the LHS Navigation Bar of this site , to view the evidence disproving what was falsely claimed).  The seed offered in the catalogue below comes from cultivated sources only - in theory I should be permitted to import seed from the P.Kohli & Co.nursery in Kashmir but despite sustained efforts on my behalf in India, the authorities will not respond properly; as the Proprietor is now practically blind, it is impractical to continue with this as a source, which it had been since 1984.  Others who supplied seed from the Indian Himalaya in the past, have mostly passed away.  My main source from Japan, became too old several years ago.  Given that this is the 34th year since I set-up Chadwell Seeds, it is hardly surprising that sources of supply have changed (some were only for a year or two) - along with rules & regulations. I myself, have suffered serious health problems in recent years but am much improved of late - fingers crossed this continues.  I do deserve your support.  Managed to knock this web-site into better shape, which I trust explains my position better....The 2018 Catalogue represented a modest re-launch.  My intention is to steadily expand, as sales contribute to me paying my basic bills and continuing my assorted activities, see:  and see the section covering my PLANT CONSERVATION & BOTANICAL PROJECTS.  The likely explanation for the adverse publicity of late, is politically-motivated, presumably in these days of Institutionalised Science, those Institutions both in the Indian subcontinent and UK, seem to object to being shown up by a freelancer like Chris Chadwell, just as elements within some of the specialist horticultural societies have gone to extraordinary lengths to damage me (strangely enough, it was sources across the Atlantic who brought this to me attention).

For information on those who supplied Chris Chadwell with seed from when Chadwell Seeds was Established in 1984, see below.

© Chris Chadwell

Items available (from cultivated sources) include: ARISAEMA flavum, ARISAEMA consanguineum, ARISAEMA jacquemontii, ARISAEMA tortuosum, GERANIUM himalayense, GERANIUM wallichianum, INDIGOFERA heterantha, INULA racemosa, IRIS crocea, IRIS delavayii, IRIS douglasiana, IRIS notha, LILIUM martagon, NEPETA leucophylla, PELTOBOYKINIA watanabei, POLEMONIUM caeruleum subsp. himalyanum, POTENTILLA cuneata, ROSA brunonii, ROSA nanothamnus, SINOPODOPHYLLUM (Podophyllum) hexandrum, VINCETOXICUM hirundinaria.

What is special about Chadwell Seeds?

Whilst this may be one of the shortest listings of seed, it can justifiably claim to be the highest quality both in terms of viability and supplying the genuine items, all at remarkable value - other sources of seed, whether they be commercial seed companies, society seed exchanges and even botanic garden seed lists (index semina) typically offer a significant proportion of misidentified species - at times more than 50%!  Yes, Chris Chadwell does have evidence to support his claim - so buy from the best, as quality is worth supporting.  Read more within this web-site, join the Himalayan Plant Association or consult his digital guide to the flowers of the north-western Himalaya (see:

Codonopsis © Jean-Claude Brutsch

Hedychium spicatum HIMALAYAN GINGER-LILY - flowers © Chris Chadwell

Hedychium spicatum HIMALAYAN GINGER-LILY - fruit © Chris Chadwell

Geranium himalayense TIBETAN CRANESBILL © Chris Chadwell

 'KASHMIR GOLDEN IRIS' (Iris crocea) - just noticed (February 2018) that this is supposedly for sale on Amazon for $9.95 + p&p;
 this sum secures you 12 seeds, except it is clearly not Iris crocea but merely some cultivar! 
 See for yourself: © Chris Chadwell

Freshly gathered seed of the 'KASHMIR GOLDEN IRIS' (Iris crocea) (September 2017) © Chris Chadwell



An old Chadwell Seeds 'Catalogue' in the form of a black & white listing with line drawings by Joan Bacon (see: