Stage 2 - Little Tibet

FLOWERS FIT FOR A DALAI LAMA  Plant Conservation Project 

Gompa (Tibetan Monastery) in Little Tibet © Chris Chadwell

*Presentation of Kohli Memorial Gold Medal (on behalf of Himalayan Plant Association) to amchi (Doctor of traditional Tibetan Medicine) Tsewang Smanla in recognition of the significant contribution he has made to the study and teaching of Tibetan Medicine

Chris Chadwell and Tsewang Smanla having been presented with silk scarves © Chris Chadwell
*Inspection of Yuthog Foundation Training Centre, Nurla

Nurla Village
*Inspection of Men Tsee Khang (H.H. The Dalai Lama's Tibetan Medical & Astrological Institute)'s Medicinal Plant Nursery/Trial Ground near Leh © Chris Chadwell

Tibetan Sea Buckthorn being grown at Trial Ground  © Chris Chadwell

 Sea-Buckthorn Jam - a vitamin C-rich drink 'Leh Juice' is also produced from the berries © Chris Chadwell

Showy CLEMATIS LADAKHIANA scrambling over low vegetation © Chris Chadwell
*Field Excursions and discussion of past plant conservation projects in Little Tibet

 Prayer flags on a high pass © Chris Chadwell

High Pass over 5000m © Chris Chadwell

'Tibetan Larkspur' (DELPHINIUM BRUNONIANUM)  © Chris Chadwell

Tibetan Larkspur at high altitude with THYLACOSPERMUM CAESPITOSUM and SIBBALDIA TETRANDRA © Chris Chadwell

 Miniature WALDHEIMIA similar to GLABRA and SAUSSUREA GNAPHALODES at high altitude © Chris Chadwell
*Lecture on 'Wild Flowers and Birds of Ladakh'

Chris Chadwell giving digital presentation at Lonpo House, Leh Palace, on behalf of
the IALS (International Association for Ladakh Studies) © Chris Chadwell
For further information about the association, see:

Lunar-like  landscape in Indus Valley © Chris Chadwell

Village Oasis in Indus Valley © Chris Chadwell

Winnowing barley in village © Chris Chadwell

 Helping with the harvest - the baby seems fascinated by Chris © Chris Chadwell

Chris Chadwell turning prayer wheels at monastery © Chris Chadwell

Young trainee lamas (some enter the monastery aged 7) relaxing after long session of prayers © Chris Chadwell