Stage 3 - Borderlands Western Tibet

 FLOWERS FIT FOR A DALAI LAMA Plant Conservation Project  Stage III


The 'Sacred Lotus of India' (NELUMBO NUCIFERA) © Chris Chadwell

   Lotus flower in bud, starting to unfurl © Chris Chadwell

'Indian Weeping Cedar' (CEDRUS  DEODARA) © Chris Chadwell
*Preliminary Inspection of Botanical and Zoological archive at Urusvati Himalayan Institute,
Roerich Museum, Kulu Valley, Himachal Pradesh 

 Photo of Nicholas Roerich at Roerich Museum © Chris Chadwell

 © Chris Chadwell

Gallery at Museum where Roerich's art is displayed © Chris Chadwell

Explanation of purpose of Urusvati Institute (founded by Nicholas Roerich) © Chris Chadwell

 Chris with Kulu villager wearing traditional hat - blowing on locally-made whistle © Chris Chadwell

Chris Chadwell beside field of 'Manu' (Inula racemosa) in Lahoul - where it is being grown in vast quantities to meet the demand for material to be exported to the US for use in weight-loss pills!  © Chris Chadwell

Local women harvesting 'Manu' in Lahoul  © Chris Chadwell

Harvested Inula foliage and flowers being left to dry in the sun - its root was traditionally used in Tibetan Medicine and the flowers in local religious ceremonies  © Chris Chadwell

 *Presentation of Kohli Memorial Gold Medal (on behalf of the Himalayan Plant Association) to Prem Singh Bodh (of Zingaro Travels) in recognition of his significant contribution to the study of Western Himalayan flora

Chris Chadwell presenting Prem with gold medal and framed certificate at his home in Manali © Chris Chadwell

Hanging glacier from which water is irrigated through a system of channels to grow wheat, barley, peas in terraced fields in the arid borderlands of Western Tibet © Chris Chadwell

Irrigated fields, Lahoul © Chris Chadwell

Pack-horses, Miyah Nullah, Lahoul © Chris Chadwell

Glacial-Stream Willow-herb (EPILOBIUM LATIFOLIUM) © Chris Chadwell

Owners and staff, road-side Dhaba, Lahoul © Chris Chadwell

Rupshu district during journey from Leh, Ladakh to Manali, Himachal Pradesh © Chris Chadwell

Fresh snow on Ladakhi peaks © Chris Chadwell