After marrying in 1987 and starting a family the following year, Chris not only undertook the duties of a father to his three sons but also mother, as his wife worked (long hours but lowly paid).  Chris juggled his family duties bringing up three sons with carrying on his lecturing to clubs & societies around the UK and operating Chadwell Seeds, as best he could. For many years he could not find the time to undertake any expeditions himself but continued to organise them, having a number of suppliers in the Himalaya and from around the world he obtained suitable seed for his catalogue especially Japan and North America. He worked long hours every day, being father, mother and small businessman (often working through the night and in the early hours, whilst his children sometimes slept - building up an enormous sleep-debt)....

SUPPLIERS  FROM  THE  HIMALAYA (in addition to P.Kohli & Co.)

NARSIM (Kailash Himalaya, Kumaon, India)

NARSIM (bottom left) pictured above at his humble home close to Narayanswamy Ashram, Kailash Himalaya (close to the border with West Nepal).  NARSIM is pictured above beside Mrs Urvashi Suri with Chris Chadwell behind during a visit in 2000.  He supplied P.Kohli & Co., over a period of more than 50 years - this was the first occasion that Mrs Suri, Prem Nath Kohli's daughter had met him. He supplied seed directly to me for a few years until he passed away. There were restrictions for decades preventing foreigners and Indians from visiting such places close to the border with Tibet (it is on an old pilgrimage route to sacred Mt. Kailash).  Narsim was a highly intelligent man, who travelled from southern India aged 17, to help out at the Ashram. © Rajiv Suri

Narayanswamy Ashram @ 2600m in the Kumaon Hills - Narsim lived close by for more than 50 years © Rajiv Suri

Location of Narayanswamy Ashram with mountains of West Nepal in the background © Rajiv Suri

Mountains of West Nepal viewed from Ashram © Rajiv Suri

Narsim was one of the first recipients of a Kohli Memorial Gold Medal, scroll down to 2003 within:

For information about the Ashram, see:

MADAN TAMANG (Gorkhaland, Darjeeling, India)

I was supplied with seed from Madan until 2010 - from the Eastern Himalaya.  Being a senior local political and community leader, I am sure he had all the necessary official permissions!  I visited on one occasion, being hosted in a guest-house in his large botanical garden on steep ground at Darjeeling, where he grew many Himalayan plants; he secured permission for me to collect seed and pressed specimens when exploring along the Singalila ridge. He used a knowledgeable local, who used to work at the Lloyd Botanical Garden, Darjeeling, accompanying the likes of Japanese botanist H.Hara on botanical expeditions in the region, to identify the seed collections gathered by other local collectors - unfortunately, due to alcohol, he often got things mixed-up & Madan did not have the expertise to check before exporting them. Given the exorbitant prices he charged, this was a rip-off. For some items, such as Arisaemas, he failed to dry them sufficiently, resulting in the seeds sprouting before arrival, which whilst verifying viability, was disastrous in terms of their survival.

The wheel's of Indian justice certainly move slowly; Tamang was murdered 8 years ago, yet 7 years later, see:

UDAI  C. PRADHAN (Kalimpong, Darjeeling, India)

I ordered a selection of seed which was supposedly going to be collected in the higher mountains of the Eastern Himalaya, as a trial run, with a view to receiving supplies on a regular basis but was hugely disappointed when only a fraction of the items paid for were sent and these only came from the Darjeeling area.  There was some feeble excuse and then Pradhan had the nerve to sent as a substitute, his cultivated strains of well-known lily!

Pradhan was Editor of the 'Himalayan Plant Journal'

PETER WALLINGTON (Wales, UK) Deceased.


HISAJI YOSHIOKA (Chino-City, Nagano Prefecture Japan)

I exchanged seed with Mr Yoshioka, the leading supplier of Japanese seed, over a period of some 25 years. Eventually he became too old.


Barry L. Snow from Little Rock, Arkansas, exchanged seed with me at the end of the 1980s, originating in Arkansas