The Allan connection

                Left-to-right: Leonard Allan Chadwell, William Sinclair, Elizabeth Allan, Connie Chadwell, Margaret Sinclair, Margaret Chadwell                            

and Leonard Chadwell (taken in a photographic studio in Kilmarnock, Scotland about 1898)

Margaret CHADWELL (nee Allan) - mother of Leonard Allan Chadwell MC (great grandmother of Chris Chadwell - whose middle name is Allan)

She was born in CRAIGIE by KILMARNOCK in 1869.  The parish of Craigie is situated on a ridge of high ground, rising in the middle of the Ayrshire plain - mostly at 300-450' above sea level.  The two highest points are Craigie Hill and Barnweil Hill, both some 500' high.  In the north of the parish Craigie Hill and the adjoining 'craggy' country (which have the given the district its name) look down on Kilmarmock four miles away and are are conspicuous landmarks over a wide area.  To the south, facing Ayr and the Firth of Clyde, is Barnweil and its old ruined kirk, with a monument to William Wallace, commemorating the occasion when he is reputed to have said that the Barns of Ayr (with the English soldiery in them) 'burn weil'.  Both hills are linked with pre-history by the remains of ancient forts and with more modern times by tales of witchcraft and smuggling.

Given my fascination with mountains and appreciation of rocks and rock-gardening, it is fitting I have connections to Craigie (or 'craggy'/'rocky' place) and to have the middle name ALLAN - for much of my life I have been proud of my Scottish middle name but recent events suggest I was mistaken....

ALAN, ALLAN, ALLEN - this name in Scotland is of two-fold origin: 1 - from the Old Gaelic name Ailene or Ailin, from ail 'rock'

Leonard CHADWELL in the builder's yard, Iver High Street - father of Leonard Allan Chadwell MC (great grandfather of Chris Chadwell)

Connie, Leonard, Margaret and 'Allan' CHADWELL