Travel CDs for sale

Chris and his wife (with Kashmiri friends) posing for a holiday snap at 4450m (some 14,500') in the borderlands of Western Tibet; Chris thought this was the best place he had ever camped in his life - his wife did not agree!  © Chris Chadwell

Chris is currently compiling a series of liberally illustrated travel topic CDs.  These are available for £5 + postage (payment methods: Paypal or cheques for UK residents, or cash of major currencies -  £5 sterling, 5 Euros, 8 US Dollars).  Each contains dozens of images covering scenery, people, medicinal & culinary plants, food crops, wild flowers along with unique insights into religion, culture, settlement patterns, houses, animal husbandry, technology, dress plus social and economic changes which have taken place over the past 30-40 years - there are no Westerners with a better insight into these regions. Not only do you get to see what Ladakh (of which Zangskar is a part) was like a generation ago but Chris even has detailed knowledge of visits to the same places which took place just prior to World War I and in the 1930s. Order your copies now @ - for those using pay pal, Chris will then send a payment request to the e-mail you use for such purposes. 

These CDs certainly represent a bargain for the special content, whilst the money raised will help Chris to continue his various botanical and conservation projects - he deserves your support.  Chris recollects during a lecture tour in the US in 1990, that an American came up to him after one of his slide-shows, who had received Himalayan seed from Chris, that his written accounts of the expeditions to the Himalaya read like 'dime-novels' (in a complimentary sense meaning that the content was more sophisticated covering adventurous activities in remote parts of the world, places few have the opportunity to or are unwilling to experience). More recently, I showed some prints taken during the 'expedition' covered in CD No.5 (see below) to an Indian friend (a gynaecologist) in India; her incredulous response as to one of the 'huts' my son & I had slept in, "You didn't stay there did you!?"

The following titles will shortly be available (as of July 2018):

1.    HONEYMOON (Part II) TO 'THE LAST PLACE ON EARTH' (Buddhist Kingdom of Zangskar in 1987) - For the second part of their honeymoon Chris took his wife on a real adventure, overland to bleak, arid, high-altitudes. Not every woman, instead of staying in a comfortable hotel, gets to camp, shivering in a thermals and a down sleeping bad on a 14,500' pass. Chris thought it was the best place he had ever camped - his long-suffering wife did not agree; they are still married, though no thanks to Chris!  She had the good sense not to go exploring across the nearby Durung Drug glacier - the longest in the region. In addition, there is an account of Chris' most recent visits to Ladakh in 2011 & 2012, bringing quality digital images of the flowers and scenery of the Upper Indus Valley and journey from Leh to Manali.

2.    HONEYMOON (Part I) TO A 'PARADISE ON EARTH' (The famed 'Kashmir Valley' or 'Vale of Kashmir' in 1987) - during the first part of their honeymoon, Chris took his wife to Indian-controlled Kashmir, enjoying the delights of the picturesque valley including a pony-trek into the mountains and stay in the home of the Indian family who are his long-standing friends and business associates - combined with an insight into the wonderful handicrafts available from Kashmir: papier mache with gold leaf; genuine pashmina; embroidered hook-work shawls; walnut furniture plus the finest saffron in the world...

3.    ONE and ONE HALF TO NEPAL - In 2008 Chris took his youngest son, aged 9, on an adventure to meet the families of his Nepali friend and guide on his latter expeditions and those of his Kashmiri friend and guide from his early expeditions (who had moved to Nepal to set up a handicraft business due to kidnapping of foreigners there which had damaged tourist business). The highlight for his son was an elephant ride.

4.    ONE and ONE HALF TO 'THE END OF THE HABITABLE WORLD' (Kulu Valley, Himachal Pradesh) - In 2009 Chris took his youngest son, aged 10, on an adventure after he had been the key-note speaker at the Kohli Commemorative Event at the India Habitat Centre, Delhi.

5.    FLOWERS & VILLAGES OF LAHAUL (Himachal Pradesh in 1985 & 1986) - Chris led two botanical tours up the Miyah Nullah for West Himalayan Holidays. He met and has researched the botanical and zoological explorations in this region by Dr Walter Koelz and Thakur Rup Chand, from Lahaul's ruling family for Russian Nicholas Roerich's Urusvati Institute in the 1930s.

6.    A PONY-TREK SEARCHING FOR ALPINE FLOWERS IN KASHMIR - In 1987 Chris led a botanical tour on horse-back for Raul Moxley Travel. Following in the footsteps of Oleg Polunin (co-author of 'Flowers of the Himalaya'), who had passed away, Chris came in as a replacement, when Oleg could no longer cope with the demands of a trek.

7.    SPRING FLOWERS OF NORTHERN PAKISTAN - In 1987 Chris led a botanical tour from Islamabad to Peshawar, taking in the beautiful Swat and Kaghan valleys before being turned back en route to the Khyber Pass by a Pakistani tank, for Raul Moxley Travel.

8.    KEEPING SAFE WHEN TREKKING IN THE HIMALAYA - Chris has experience of taking care of visitors to different parts of the Himalaya, aged 4-70+, from gentle exploration by hired vehicles and local buses to serious treks at higher elevations. He has led 5 tours and over 20 scientific expeditions.

Chris crossing a glacial 'stream' - advisable to find a sturdy stick (or for the serious trekker, a long ice-axe) when trekking off the beaten track, as one needs to negotiate fast flowing, ice-cold torrents from time-to-time, when it is all-too-easy to slip or even be swept away; there are seldom suitable sticks lying around when they are needed with the benefit of helping balance on boulder-strewn paths and avoiding twisted ankles which can ruin any holiday   © Chris Chadwell

9.    BRITISH HILL-STATIONS IN THE NORTH-WEST HIMALAYA - Chris has visited numerous places where the British 'repaired to', escaping the 'heat & dust' of the Indian plains during the days of the 'raj'. From Shimla (the summer capital of the raj) to Mussoorie, Dalhousie, through Kashmir to Murree (the only one in Pakistan territory).

10.    PRESENT-DAY TRAVEL IN KASHMIR - Chris visited Kashmir 6 times during the 1980s, staying up to 3 months each time; he returned in 2012, enabling a fine set of up-to-date digital images to be secured.  He has both Moslem and Hindu friends living in Kashmir, bringing a unique insight. 

11.    PRESENT-DAY TRAVEL IN HIMACHAL PRADESH - Since 1985 Chris has visited this state in North-West India no less than 10 times - the more recent visits bringing digital images and up-to-date information. He knows a wide range of people living in Himachal, which helps bring him a unique insight into the 'Himalayan Province' which is the meaning of its current name.

12.    PRESENT-DAY TRAVEL IN NEPAL - Since 1990 Chris has visited Nepal 5 times and his eldest son, once, the more recent trips bringing digital images and up-to-date information.  He also has friends living in Nepal both Nepalese and foreigners, bringing a unique insight into the 'Land of the Gurkha, as it is sometimes called.