BBC journalists: cowards, no conscience, 'ignorance runs amok'

See the NINE downright lies within Mr Khadka's article for BBC World Service on-line, which has destroyed Chris Chadwell's reputation:

When Chris formally wrote a letter of complaint to the then Head of BBC World Service, Ms Unsworth, prior to 'publication', her response was deceptive and contained lies, as she "covered Mr Khadka's back", falling back on the standard, "it was in the public interest".  As can be seen from Sir Cliff Richard's recent court case, his legal team tore this justification apart.

I asked Ms Unsworth if she could look herself in the mirror in the morning.....

I saw no point in complaining to the BBC's Director-General as he would "cover her back".

The BBC knows how powerful it is and that this likes of Chris Chadwell are of no consequence - he is a nobody.  However, in time, it will be realised that the BBC cannot be trusted.  Its only readers will be those who enjoy tabloid revelations.  Sadly, too many of the British population are contemptible.

Too many newspapers pander to the worse in people.  The same, increasingly, applies to the BBC.  I rightly view the BBC with utter contempt.  IF, the BBC was run by honourable people, the Director-General and Ms Unsworth would resign; Mr Khadka would be sacked.  Though none of this will happen - they no doubt will all be promoted.

The BBC does not care about improving the world. It very nearly destroyed me.  Had I committed suicide, it would have rejoiced, viewing my action as admission of guilt. SHAME ON THEM.  I am picking myself up and taking them on, which will lead to me exposing a VERY WELL-KNOW BBC FIGURE WHO ENDORSES A FRAUDULENT CHARITY.

Perhaps this is why their attack-dog reporter Navin Singh Khadka was set upon me?  I ask you to answer this question, why on earth would I draw attention to these matters, if I was not telling the truth?  My motivation?  In addition to "setting the record straight", is to help protect others, who cannot defend themselves.

I only hope not too many dirty-tricks will follow.  If I meet an untimely death, you will know the reason why.....