Botanical Tour of Wales 2012

In June 2012, accompanied by John Norton*, I undertook a botanical tour of Central Wales - principally Ceredigion.  I am indented to Arthur Chater (author of Flora of Cardiganshire), Jon Turner (Countryside Council for Wales) and Lesley Turner for recommending promising locations for the best flowers at that time of year.  * John was an ornithologist on the University of Southampton Ladakh Expedition 1980, for what he does these days see:

DACTYLORHIZA MAJALIS  (Photo: © Chris Chadwell)

Chris with deceased 'Spider Crab' on Borth Beach (Photo: © John Norton)

'Spider Crab'   (Photo: © Chris Chadwell)

Lady's Fingers   (Photo: © Chris Chadwell)

Sea Campion  (Photo: © Chris Chadwell)

Chris Chadwell photographing 'Yellow Horned Poppy' on beach near Aberystwyth (Photo: © John Norton)

Dyfi Furnace Wheel  (Photo: © John Norton)

Sundew (DROSERA ROTUNDIFOLIA) amongst sphagnum in bog;  I have always been fascinated by mosses and liverworts. When team-leader of a survey of riverside vegetation of the Upper Wye, the bryophytes were recorded (which represent a major component of the plant life in the upper reaches of rivers and streams), as best we could.  The standard of our work was greatly enhanced by having a talented young bryologist within the team - the rest of us were relative beginners.  (Photo: © Chris Chadwell) "An eminently readable description of the rich flora of mosses and liverworts found grow ing within a large part of West Wales accessible from Aberystwyth" has been published 'The Mosses and Liverworts of Mid-West Wales' (see: ).

Great Sundew (DROSERA ANGLICA) with trapped insect  (Photo: © Chris Chadwell)

Stream from Elan Valley Reservoir  (Photo: © Chris Chadwell)

Craig Goch Reservoir   (Photo: © Chris Chadwell) See:

Reception committee!  (Photo: © Chris Chadwell)

Chris Chadwell at Lyns Las railway crossing - there had been serious flooding the week before we arrived to camp nearby  (Photo: © John Norton)

Chris photographing Western Marsh Orchids (Photo: © John Norton)

DACTYLORHIZA MAJALIS at edge of Borth Golf Course; for more images of orchids