Free identification service for British wild and naturalised plants

In addition being available to try to identify any photos taken of Himalayan flora, Chris is also available, free-of-charge, to identify British wild and naturalised plants.  In some cases the information provided by the photos may be sufficient.  In return, Chris may wish to utilise a few of the best images, within his guides to Himalayan flowers - strangely enough, there are quite a few species found in both the Himalaya and UK.  When Chris has no images available of these species taken in the Himalaya (which is preferable), then he is able to use his own images taken in the UK but naturally does not have the time or finances to travel the country in search of missing species.  He hopes most would be pleased to having their images put to good use and are more than happy for them to be used in this way, as a small thank you for the time and effort Chris has devoted on the specimens they photographed.  ALL those who have approached him about naming plants taken on treks in the Himalaya, have agreed to this (with them acknowledged and their individual copyright indicated).