Germination Experiments

Even before I established Chadwell Seeds in 1984, it was important for me to check that the seed I was supplying exhibited high levels of viability.  I have thus regularly sown seed at what became the Kohli Himalayan Botanical Garden in the UK and took an interest in how others got on by extensive correspondence (now mostly, though not exclusively, conducted by e-mail).  My lecturing around the UK along with lecture tours in North America and New Zealand, combined with visits to other countries has provided me the opportunity to be shown round numerous private gardens and "behind-the-scenes" at famous ones open to the public - which has meant that I have accumulated unrivalled knowledge about the initial germination and subsequent cultivation of Himalayan flora.  In the early 1990s I was consultant to The Royal Government of Bhutan on the 'Cultivation of Medicinal Plants for Traditional Medicine Project' (the majority of Himalayan plants utilised in Tibetan Medicine, are garden-worthy) and thanks to the interest shown by specialist growers around the world, plant hunting expeditions, where seed was collected, provided an opportunity to experiment with and introduce fresh material into cultivation - sadly now lost due to new rules & regulations, which far from helping protect wild populations, is actually going to damage their conservation!  This nonsense should be challenged, if the world is serious about saving genuinely 'rare and endangered' species as opposed to falsely drawing attention, as has happened in the Indian Himalaya, to plants that are, in most cases, actually, common and under no threat whatsoever.  You can find out more about this topic within this web-site. It is all-too-easy to make false claims, which are blindly accepted! 

In the mean-time, we must play by the rules. In the longer-term, I hope that the truth will emerge and the "powers-that-be" will act correctly and challenge the damaging situation which currently exists.  I am uniquely placed to expose the fraud which has taken place.  I care deeply about the flora, environment and peoples of the Himalaya.  IF, others in senior positions, are serious, they should back my campaign and support my on-going research and projects.  At present, most rare species in the Indian Himalaya have been abandoned to their fate.  I wonder how many other parts of the world this applies to?  Yes, I do have evidence to support such a claim.