Just what was behind the BBC's misconduct towards Chris Chadwell? Politics of some sort.

Are the over-paid, ill-informed  BBC journalists jealous of Chris' efforts to bring out the best in the peoples of the Himalaya, protect the environment and genuinely save real rare and endangered plants rather than those fraudulently invented by Indian botanists sat in offices? Surely not...

Why do they only want to damage those who have been doing so much good? That is what journalists do as it appeals to easily misled people.

Is it an elaborate cover-up of serious wrong-doing by a famous BBC presenter? I am about to expose the name of a very famous person who has extravagantly endorse a SHAM plant charity. This person SHOULD know better.  Perhaps they can be excused as being GULLIBLE?

Is the BBC being 'politically correct', assuming that someone born in Nepal automatically knows about the Himalaya, so they can appoint them as an Environment Reporter, specialising in the region?  No, No, No - being born in comfortably off circumstances (Mr Navin Singh Khadka was not born in a remote mountain village, not that one can find out much about his background or training) does not mean a Nepalese or Indian know much at all!

Does the BBC wish to cover-up illegal activity by officials and governments in the Indian sub-continent? Perhaps?

Are Indian officials bothered by Chris Chadwell's legitimate strong criticism of them? Perhaps.

Britain has the "begging-bowl" out to India.  Chris exposing illegal activity is inconvenient. Perhaps this is why Chris is being targeted or is it the world-wide 'Conservation' con being perpetrated....

Is it because Chris has never paid bribes? Quite possibly.

Is it simply that the BBC has sunk to the lowest depths of 'tabloid' reporting? Perhaps, as we are living in an increasing "dumbed-down" world, with people easily manipulated.  After all, they THINK they can trust the BBC....

Are the BBC trying to prevent Chris from revealing the identity of the famous figure who enthusiastically endorses a fraudulent
plant conservation charity - his backing has led to hundreds of thousands of pounds of charity backing to what is a giant con?  Perhaps?

Chris refuted ALL the allegations made against him by BBC World Service reported Navin Singh Khadka, yet this SERIAL LIAR twisted
the evidence to insinuate guilt - even implying that either P.Kohli & Co. (Established in 1928) did not exist or were corrupt..... Deeply
offensive to Chris and Prem's family who hold this scrupulously honest man in high regard.  This is PRECISELY what he did in his previous article...

Khadka has two recurring themes in his articles: BLAME FOREIGNERS or GLOBAL WARMING (which of course is also all foreigners fault). I care deeply & GENUINELY CONCERNED about global warming but individuals (and platforms like the BBC) cause GREAT HARM by publishing LIES. It provides ammunition to the doubters.  Clearly, one cannot BELIEF what the BBC 'publishes' and then through ITS METHODS maintains postings in PROMINENT positions in search results.  Type in "Chris Chadwell", despite all his GOOD WORKS over 30+ years, and seed what appears near the top of the first page? And after all, how many people bother to go beyond that first page?

Look at all the positive contributions Chris has made, yet the BCC ignores all of this to portray him as a villain.  Still, who told you the world was a fair place - YET MANY PEOPLE THINK THE BBC CAN BE TRUSTED.... SADLY, THEY ARE VERY MUCH MISTAKEN.  Read the content of this web-site and JUDGE FOR YOURSELVES. Do you really think Chris is making this all up and would be STUPID ENOUGH to draw attention to what has gone on, IF he were 'GUILTY AS CHARGED' by the BBC?