Langley (Berks)

I have been based in Langley (currently in the county of Berkshire but previously in Buckinghamshire) is a village on the outskirts of Slough.  My late mother's passion for all this historical means I have her collection of assorted maps, books, photographs and assorted items covering Langley, some of which I shall share here.  Sadly, Slough Museum is no more, so it is even more important for this with an interest in history to contribute on-line.  The road I live in was built in the 1960s - so no evidence of it on the 1932 Map stored here.  I shall begin with some postcards published by J.M.S. Barber for the Vulcan Series:

Mission Hall & Horsemoor Green Post Office, Langley

Langley High Street c. 1890 - this row of buildings remain.

Meadfield Road - houses remain.