Nepal Earthquakes 2015

Buddha's eyes peering down from a temple in Kathmandu.  Buddha needs your help.

It is 'interesting' the BBC coverage of PRINCE HARRY'S VISIT TO NEPAL (March 2016) emphasised that CLIMATE CHANGE and CONSERVATION were SUPPOSEDLY major topics of conversation during his meeting with the president - yet the BBC has never taken any interest in CHRIS CHADWELL'S long-standing CONSERVATION projects!   THE EXACT OPPOSITE, IN FACT...  I wonder why that is? No interest in PROTECTING and CONSERVING Himalayan flora by the LEADING EXPERT on the STUDY, CULTIVATION and CONSERVATION of Himalayan flora.  No interest in utilising GIANT HIMALAYAN STINGING NETTLES to stabilise soil in NEPALESE villages....  NO INTEREST IN 'SAVING THE PLANET'S RARE PLANTS'......   With all due respect, how much does Prince Harry or indeed any BBC journalist know about such topics?  Chris (and many others) have been helping raise significant sums for Nepal for decades......


 From 2015 Chris has been waiving his normal fees for ALL digital presentations he is booked to deliver on Nepal (either LILIES, LAMAS and LEECHES: plant hunting in Nepal or for more general audiences, a new presentation MAGNIFICENT NEPAL: land of high peaks, temples, sacred monkeys and giant stinging nettles) - with an amount equivalent to my normal fee and/or a collection to go to The Britain-Nepal Medical Trust (BNMT). IF either of these topics appeal, to a club or society you belong to, see: and then check his availability,

 Chris gave quite a number of similar presentations raising funds for the BNMT to honour the late Peter Wallington, more than a decade ago. See:

The people of Nepal need your help

  Whilst raising funds and getting rescue materials, plus those best able to help "on the ground" to Nepal at the earliest opportunity was the initial priority since the disaster hit Nepal.  Chris is in an ideal position to keep reminding people about the disaster in the years to come and can make a significant contribution in the longer-term.  The Britain-Nepal Medical Trust, which  Chris has been supporting and helping raise funds for, over many years (so is familiar with and can vouch for), is an ideal charity to direct monies accumulated towards, to help in the longer term.  Whilst on a smaller scale than the millions raised through the direct appeal of the Disasters Emergency Committee in 2015, it will still be meaningful - especially when the big donations will have "dried-up" as media attention moves on to other disasters in other parts of the world. And the BNMT, already well-established in Nepal for more than 40 years is ideally placed to make sure funds are directed where they are most needed/are likely to do the most good.

Chris with guest-house owner


 Why not consider funding-raising events?  For gardeners, how about opening your garden in return for a donation or raising or selling plants to your local gardening club or regional horticultural society, in aid of The Britain-Nepal Medical Trust?  

How about suggesting to the programme secretary/committee of your local gardening club or    regional horticultural society that they book Chris to speak on Nepal?  His  usual fee could then go to the Britain-Nepal Medical Trust.  Smaller clubs with limited funds could book him on the basis of a "collection" afterwards (he would need to have his travel expenses met as his own finances remain tight) - this would make him affordable to almost any group.

DO CONSIDER RECOMMENDING CHRIS TO NON-HORTICULTURAL SOCIETIES.  He always pitches his digital presentations for general-interest content, having been favourably received by National Trust Centres, U3A's (both full groups and sub-groups), Rotary, Probus, Townswomens' Guilds, Natural History Societies and others.

Do NOT abandon future plans to visit Nepal.  Tourism is ESSENTIAL for the country's economic recovery.  Charity has its place and the people of Nepal are genuinely grateful for the help they are receiving but we all wish to have the added dignity of earning a living.  And IF you do visit and plan to trek or have friends or relatives intending to do so, PLEASE take extra care to keep yourself, your travelling companions AND the Nepalese your hire, SAFE (see: