Only thing needed for TRIUMPH of EVIL is GOOD men to do NOTHING

This profound statement was by 18th century Englishman, Edmund Burke.  Chris Chadwell, over the years has "stood up, stuck his head above the parapet" in outspoken criticism of wrong-doing on a number of occasions before.  It is not comfortable being a whistle-blower - especially when senior teachers at you sons' 'catholic' school lie, Slough unitary authoritary education officials lie, a consultant paediatrician lies, parish priests lie, your members of parliament for Slough lies and even a Bishop lies! 

He feels, having recently recovered sufficiently from illness, compelled to draw attention to further serious matters. He knows he is not going to be popular, IF he exposes famous names who have extravagantly endorsed a fake plant conservation charity....  Taking on those in powerful positions, institutions as a whole, governments and famous names, can be daunting but it is the right thing to do, as most people do not have the confidence to do so nor enjoy the level of education he has.  Others chose not to get involved.  Chris has always been the 'Good Samaritan'.  He was briefly a police officer in the Hertfordshire but decided not to pursue this as a career.  Nevertheless, the training he received has proven invaluable; he has intervened to protect people on a number of occasions, knowing how to intervene, without escalating the situation and so far, he has yet to be hit (although came very close yesterday when a near neighbour threatened and verbally abused him with obscenities; Chris stayed cool, calm and collected and will be reporting the matter to the police and local council; he will be 60 this summer, has been seriously ill for several years and recently had operations for kidney stones - the culprit, of comparable height was in his twenties and there were 4 of his family members there). In the 1980s and 1990s he intervened on trains to save ticker-collectors (working alone) who were about to be assaulted.  A few years back, he rightly told off a young thug (about 17) on a train, who threatened to kill him, but walked away.....  The trouble is one, even without significant illness, is slower and weaker as one ages.  Chris did well during self-defence training to become a police officer back in the 1980s but has to be more caution these days - though has always felt that as he was in a position to intervene, he should, rather than hiding away.  People should be able to go about their business without violent and abusive people scaring or assaulting them.  And those in a position to intervene, should not be cowards and turn away.

What are you here to accomplish (in life)?  I read this within 'Muhammad Ali: The Glory Years' Felix Dennis & Don Atyeo.  'Trees have a purpose. What is your purpose? What are you here to accomplish?  Having been severely bullied and ridiculed at Secondary school, I have always attempted to protect people and stand-up for the underdog. This involves being BULLIED by the BBC.  It extends to challenging BLATANT LIES by the BBC.  The peoples of the Himalaya both in Nepal and India are being let down by their governments and officials, who are PRETENDING to be concerned.  The environment of the Himalaya is being harmed, yet what do the governments and officials do? Turn a blind eye to the genuine damage, instead trying to blame foreigners and/or 'global' warming.! Navin Singh Khadka, a Nepalese, so-caleld 'journalist' for the BBC is a prime example.  He has the audacity to sit in judgement about Himalayan flora, which he is STAGGERINGLY IGNORANT ABOUT, resorting to NO LESS THAN NINE BARE-FACED LIES within the tabloid-level article he wrote.  Having failed, repeatedly to 'prove' ANYTHING against me, he resorted to his standard technique of muddled, misinformation and being 'guilty by association'... PATHETIC, YET THIS IS THE LEVEL THE BBC FUNCTIONS AT - AND IT KNEW PRECISELY WHAT IT IS GETTING, down to hiring someone who does not comprehend what a paragraph is. After all, it seems paragraphs would confuse BBC on-line readers!!!  Why stop pretending to provide 'intelligent' reporting and SINKING to text-messages and bullet-points....