The Chadwells of Iver

Chris Chadwell is available to give a digital presentation about THE CHADWELLS OF IVER AND DISTRICT to any interested local group or society - in return for a lift from his home (he does not drive) plus a donation to a charity of his choice (this could be in the form of a collection afterwards), allowing smaller groups or those with limited funds, to afford to book him.

This section of the web-site is dedicated to my late mother, Pamela CHADWELL, whose detailed and high quality genealogical research into the Chadwells (and many other families), resulted in the impressive family history archive, of which I am currently custodian.  It has to be said she was not the most organised or tidy of people and her handwriting left a lot to be desired (I have inherited this troublesome trait) but all those who came into contact with her, praised the reliability of the research.

 The first record of an ancestor in Iver dates back to 1720 with John Spencer CHADWELL - a tailor who died in 1750.  His son, also John and a tailor became Parish Clark, was born in 1721, marrying Martha Spencer of Clewer in 1745. They had 10 children. 

Pamela nee CHANNON lived in Love lane, Iver as a child, meeting and marrying my father, Tony CHADWELL in the village.

Pamela Channon in August 1953 collecting for 'EARTHQUAKES IN GREECE' at a Fete in Iver Village - beside Lord and Lady Rankin


Pamela's wedding day - with Anthony (Tony) Chadwell (St.Peter's Church, Iver, 1955)

Note the bridal boquet of 'Lily-of-the-Valley', Pamela's favourite flowers

Pamela with her father


Rev. J.J. Cresswell with young ladies attired in new coats for 1st Communion (1948); Pamela Chadwell is second from the right; in the church doorway is Miss Ward (her family were friends of the Wilberforces who had a son was baptised at Iver in 1824 while staying with Lord Gambier.

Pamela (left) with her sister Diana at their home in Love Lane in the 1940s

Pamela's final REPORT CARD (summer 1942) from her primary school in Iver

Pamela's school photographed in April 2015 (Photo: © Joseph Chadwell)

(Photo: © Joseph Chadwell)

Pamela's  REPORT CARD for her final term (summer 1945) at FRAYS COLLEGE, UXBRIDGE - note she was placed first for History, which developed into a life-long passion.  As was the way in those days, despite getting "quite to very good" for all subjects (other than French - which received a "fair" remark) the Headmaster's comment was only "Satisfactory progress"......



 Leonard Allan CHADWELL was the first young man (more accurately perhaps, 'boy') from the village of Iver to volunteer to fight in WWI, enlisting as a private, gaining his commission before being awarded the Military Cross in 1919 (towards the close of the war). 

Leonard Allan CHADWELL married Florence Ruth CLARKE at Iver (March 1918)

Leonard's military service took a great toll on him.  He survived the war but his experiences, despite undoubted bravery, ultimately leading to his untimely death; I cannot but conclude he thought too much - a dangerous attribute at times of war...... 


from 1840 until 1986.  The last Chadwell to own the cottage (where Chris Chadwell's father lived as a child until 1935), house and workshops of the family business on the High Street (beside what was the Chequers Pub) sold the premises in 1987.

Leonard and Frank ran the business from 1895 to 1933.  Leonard Allan and Frank until 1935.

'End of an Era' - Pamela's article in the Iver Parish Magazine in 1987


Photographic display which accompanied Pamela Chadwell's talk (given in the 1980s) to Iver & District Countryside Association about the Chadwells of Iver - the images above covered the 19th Century and early 20th Century

Photographic display which accompanied Pamela's talk to Iver & District Countryside Association about the Chadwells of Iver - covering 1920s - 1930s

Photographic display which accompanied Pamela's talk to Iver & District Countryside Association about the Chadwells of Iver - covering 1936-1986


 CHRIS CHADWELL between graves of RICHARD BENNETT CHADWELL and THOMAS CHADWELL by the Lych Gate (The Swan Pub in the background) (Photo: Matthew Chadwell)

CHADWELL FAMILY TREE (compiled by Pamela Chadwell in 1990s)

John CHADWELL (Taylor, Parish Clerk born 1721 died 1797) married Martha SPENCER (26/9/1745 at Clewer)

They had 10 children (John Spencer - died aged 8; William; Mary - died aged 4; John - died 1month; Spencer; Robert - died 2 months; Sarah - died 1 year; Izra; John; Robert)

Spencer CHADWELL (Carpenter, Parish Clerk born 1759 died 1840) married Rebecca KNIGHT (died 1831, aged 68)

They had had 13 children (John; Mary; Spencer; Robert; Sarah; Thomas; Ann Knight - died 5 months; Charlotte; Elizabeth; James; Thomas - died 3 months; Sarah; Richard)

Grave of Thomas and Phoebe CHADWELL

Richard CHADWELL married Phoebe BENNETT

They had 9 children (Julia Bennett; Thomas; Elisabeth; Lavinia; Richard Bennett; Jane; Thomas; Robert; Maria)
Richard Bennett CHADWELL (born 1829 died 1895) married  Rebecca PRATT (died 1909 aged 84 years)

Richard Bennett CHADWELL

Rebecca PRATT, wife of Richard Bennett CHADWELL

Gravestone of Richard Bennett and Rebecca CHADWELL

They had 6 children (Elizabeth; Bennett; Arthur; Leonard; Alice; Frank)


Leonard and Frank CHADWELL

Leonard Allan Chadwell

Leonard Allan CHADWELL

Alice CHADWELL (1889 - at time of her brother Leonard's marriage to Margaret ALLAN)

Leonard CHADWELL (born 1862 died 1932) married Margaret ALLAN (born 1869, died 1946)

They had 3 children (Leonard Allan; Constance [Connie}; Edna)

Margaret ALLAN (Chris Chadwell's greatgrandmother) who married Leonard CHADWELL

'The Chadwell's' with their new bikes 1903/5: Connie, Leonard, Margaret, Leonard Allan

Margaret in the Builder's Yard garden

Leonard CHADWELL (1862-1932) in Builder's Yard, Iver

Leonard's copy of the book of 'Common Prayer'

The size of print is extraordinarily small - they must have had better eye-sight in those days!

Advert from Parish Magazine (1943)


Connie CHADWELL married Jim Hucker in 1926 - wedding reception took place in the Family Business' Carpenter's Shop; village dances were also held there.

IVER VILLAGE HALL CONCERT PARTY IN 1925; Mr & Mrs de Grey (tenants of Chadwells) middle bottom; Florence Chadwell - centre; Connie Chadwell played the piano; Leonard Allan Chadwell - bottom right; all reputed to be fine singers 

Iver Scout Band (1918) - just before Leonard Allan CHADWELL (the tallest) enlisted

HIGH STREET (Chadwell Brother's Business Premises on left - in 1960s)

Leonard Allan CHADWELL - on a street in London

Leonard Allan CHADWELL in his garden, Iver High Street

Leonard Allan Chadwell (tall figure top left image) supervising alterations to Platt's Store (pre-1936); others (Left to Right): Jack Barber, Harold Chadwell, Doggie Brench, Norman Chadwell - with the Clark's Van

Leonard Allan CHADWELL (born 1892 died 1937) married Florence CLARKE
They had 2 sons (John; Anthony)

Leonard Chadwell with daughter-in-law Florence and daughter Connie Chadwell in Builder's Yard, Iver (after 1918)

Leonard Allan CHADWELL with sons John and Tony (front)

'Tony' CHADWELL, CHADWELL's BUILDER'S YARD, High Street, Iver (1933-5)

Tony Chadwell

Left to Right: Elizabeth Chadwell, Florence Chadwell, Alice Chadwell, Willie Smith (husband of Alice) with John and Tony at Updown Hill, Windlesham about 1931 (photo: Leonard Allan Chadwell)

Chadwell sisters (Alice & Elizabeth), Florence Chadwell and Willie Smith (husband of Alice) at Updown Hill, Windlesham about 1920 (photo: Leonard Allan Chadwell)

Tony Chadwell with grandmother (Margaret Elizabeth) and Great Aunts (Alice & Lizzie)

Anthony ('Tony') CHADWELL pictured second row down, second in from right (note prominent chin) - Iver Army Cadets (1944)

John CHADWELL at Chadwell premises Iver, in his Slough Secondary School uniform

John CHADWELL, Tony's brother (1940)

John marrying Betty at Hatfield Church (1941)


Anthony CHADWELL (born 1927 died ) married Pamela CHANNON (born ) - the family genealogist, whose research and archive, part of which is being shared on this web-site

They had 2 children (Jill; Christopher)


(Photo: © Matthew Chadwell)

The Chadwell business premises next-door to 'The Chequers' public house (Photo: © Matthew Chadwell)



Elizabeth and Spencer CHADWELL died as children in mid- 1800s (parents Spencer and Susan CHADWELL)

Mary Ann wife of Henry CHADWELL (Died 1885)


Pamela Chadwell (nee Channon) was born in Hayes; this is Catherine Kelter's A CONCISE HISTORY OF HAYES (Hillingdon Borough Libraries, 1988)

Chris Chadwell promised his late mother that he would, when the opportunity arose, pull the material together and privately publish a full family history.  He is a long way off from accomplishing this but has begun by 'publishing' some snippets on-line within this web-site. 

More images and information will be added. It is intended to have a separate section on the ALLANS.