WALLINGTON Memorial lectures for Nepalese medical charity

'Chris Chadwell, a modern-day plant hunter and freelance botanist specialising in the Himalaya has, over a number of years, raised considerable sums for the trust through his talks and slide presentations to numerous clubs and societies. During the past year he has again been entertaining and informing audiences with experiences exploring for plants in Nepal (including those utilised in traditional medicine - a selection of which are illustrated)....(Gay Peck, Secretary/Administrator, Britain-Nepal Medical Trust, 2009);
 details of individual presentations are given at the bottom of this page.
'The Trust has again received enormous support from many different people. One is Chris Chadwell, the plant explorer. He has been raising money trhough his very popular memorial lectures about Nepal.  These are held in memory of his friend Peter Wallington, who cared deeply about the remote areas of Eastern Nepal having worked as a volunteer TB vaccinator. Chris Chadwell plants to continue his fundraising efforts by giving talks to local clubs and societies and can be contacted via the Trust's UK office' (Gay Peck, Secretary/Administrator, Britain-Nepal Medical Trust, 2002)

Given my dreadful treatment by contemptible Nepalese journalist Navind Singh Khadka, who for some inexplicable reason the BBC have a high opinion of (yet another example of gullible Westerners being tricked - though few employed by this organisation are too bright, despite being over-paid liars). I am reminded of the thoughts of the late Simon Hill (see: https://sites.google.com/a/shpa.org.uk/main/mushrooms-toadstools), a professional mycologist/research scientist who worked in the MAFF Plant Infestation Station just outside of Slough.  He knew me quite well, aware of the tight finances I operated off; could not work out why on earth I would be spending so much time raising money for charities when struggling to pay basic bills! Seems pretty dumb & stupid to me now in light of the 'pack of lies' Khadka published on-line about me, not to mention the BBC's support of a corrupt, consummate liar but after all, this was the organisation which protected and covered the back of one Jimmy Savill for so many years ......

Well-vegetated slope above Mt. Kanchenchunga's glacier, East Nepal  © Peter Wallington (more scanned in slides taken by Peter can be seen at the bottom of this page)

After Peter's untimely death outside his home in Wales (he had been a Himalayan plant Association member), I visited his wife to select a small number of his numerous, high quality slides to combine with mine to undertake a series of Peter Wallington Memorial Lectures in aid of the Britain-Nepal Medical Trust (where I would donate either my normal fee or in lieu of a fee, a collection was made afterwards). You can learn more about Peter within the article reproduced below; he cared deeply about the people of Eastern Nepal. I am sure he would be dismayed that it was the immoral conduct of a Nepalese reporter for the BBC which has forced Chris to terminate his fund-raising activities for this charity .... But corrupt Navin Singh Khadka is well-paid and attaches more importance to his posturing and sucking-up to the government than the poor of Nepal (I wonder how much Khadka, in such a privileged, high-profile position, has raised for genuine charities in Nepal - precious little, I suspect, other than to make out he is a 'generous' person, whilst he feathers his nest, with the BBC's connivance....).  Such people make a big deal of 'blaming' foreigners for Nepal's ills, when it is people like him who damage Nepal, resulting in avoidable deaths of Nepal's poor.  Both he and the BBC have blood on their hands. His back is covered by senior figures at the BBC. 

Euphorbia  walichii

Primula obliqua

Primula deuteronana

Front Cover of Journal the Wallington article was published in

Selection of Itemised amounts donated to the Britain-Nepal Medical Trust following Chris Chadwell lectures (the groups vary considerably in size)

14th April 2011  [£225 banked by Gay Peck; plus cheque for £36 & another from R.Stabler for £38 following a Chadwell lecture]

November 2009  Garden Group of Hillingdon U3A ('Plant Introductions at National Trust and other Properties') [£30]

April 2009  Stanborough Senior Club [£102.10]

March 2009  Woking Group, Alpine Garden Society [£26]

2008  Manchester Nepal Festival

April 2008  Gardening Club [£75]

June 2004    Britain-Nepal Society, London [£250]

February 2002    Lincolnshire Group of Hardy Plant Society [£38]

May 2002    Epping Forest Group, Alpine Garden Society [£60 + £27.10 private donations]

December 2001  Derbyshire Group, Hardy Plant Society, Alfreston ('Plant Hunting in the Lumasumba Himal, Nepal') [£38]

December 2001  North Cumbria Rock Group [£25]

September 2001  Surrey National Council for the Conservation of Plants & Gardens [£100]

September 2001  Dorset Alpine Garden Society [£50]

August 2001  Gloucester Group, National Council for the Conservation of Plants & Gardens [£0]

July 2001  Devon Alpine Garden Society [£20]

June 2001 North Wales, National Council for the Conservation of Plants & Gardens  [£0]

June 2001  Chiltern Group [£30]

June 2001  Warwickshire Group [£25 + individual donation by a member of £10]

June 2001  Mrs Chalk [£5]

May 2001  [£50]

April 2001  Kent Medway Group [£45]

January 2001  Chandlers Ford & District Gardeners Club [£64]

January 2001  Cardiganshire Hardy Plant Society [£131]

Additional Events which raised money for the BNMT

Summer 2008  Open Day at Mrs B Thompson's Garden, Hillingdon [£48]

Autumn 2002  Himalayan Expedition [£817]