Antony 'Tony' Chadwell

My father, 'Tony' Chadwell with a rabbit - a gentle man; I never heard him say a bad word about anyone, even those close relatives who treated him so badly when his father disappeared (died in difficult circumstances) when he was just 8 - neither his mother nor any other relatives spoke to him about what happened; he discovered the graphic details in a death certificate he found in a draw, aged 18. In those days people did not talk much. he would have been so proud of his elder brother John (by 7 years) if he had any inkling he had been a Lancaster bomber pilot. My father worked for years at Dunsfold Aerodrome (when the Harrier Jump jet was being developed), which was used by his brother when returning from some of the raids in Germany. His favourite films were World War II accounts of squadrons....

'Tony' Chadwell with a beloved cigarette - these caused his lung cancer, which killed him aged 58

Iver Army Cadets with Tony 2nd in on 4th row up from left-hand-side (note large, long, prominent face - he was 6' 3", quite a height in those days)

Tony with his brother John (see: , 7 years his senior at Reeds School, Watford (

Tony (on right) playing with toy soldiers in the garden of "Crumlin" with Lennard (Tony's cousin) and Peter Hefrin (middle, looking at camera)