Chris Chadwell's Reputation


I am sorry to inflict such 'heavy' information on my web-site but feel OBLIGED to attempt to defend my reputation. I don't think it is my criticisms on this web-site which have led to the what has been happening to me recently? Surely not! Nevertheless, I can categorically state that I am an honourable and trustworthy person.

I have decided to comment about aspects of my activities, which previously I felt unnecessary - it was not about "concealing anything untoward" - after all, there already is and has been (the content chops and changes a bit) rather a lot (some may judge far too much information on this site already).... I am deeply upset that I have been portrayed in an unfavourable light.

Hopefully, this additional, again rather private and personal information (which I don't see too many others providing) will address any LEGITIMATE concerns anyone has about me.

I do realise that the content of not every web-site can be trusted. Decidedly 'dodgy' characters do exist in every country and some may use web-sites to conceal illegal activities. Too often, "fake charities" exist. Anyone reading this can rest assured that The Britain-Nepal Medical Trust does enjoy a good reputation (see: ). Such 'fake' sites exist in all countries. Prior to web-sites, a long-standing friend of mine, talked of things, "being on paper only"... But does anyone actually reading the content of this web-site seriously suggest I am making it all up!?

There is much that I have done and am trying to do towards the study (and until the basics are done right, nothing else can follow) and conservation of Himalayan flora. What about my projects and sound proposals to transform the vegetation of parts of Ladakh or help stabilise soil in Nepalese villages? These have never received any attention. I personally am in an ideal position to HELP in the Himalaya in many more ways, yet am ignored - the plants and associated environment of parts of the Himalaya have been abandoned. The world sits by and does nothing other than coming up with more rules and regulations which are going to damage conservation efforts! Just because I highlight shortcomings does not mean I do not HAVE to abide by those rules and regulations. I am dismayed at what is happening - or could it just be that I am being subjected to what I currently am BECAUSE I have been drawing attention to such matters? I initially thought this could not be the case but am starting to wonder!?

Finally, I draw attention to my late grandfather:

Was not he a decent, honourable man? YES and so is his grandson! I hope I don't suffer a similar fate to him due to how I have been treated - though I am not as brave as him.....