Beware of Fraudulent charities

Sadly, where DOING GOOD DEEDS is concerned, there has always been FRAUD. Some people make a good living out of it! Such FRAUDULENT operations do occur in India and Nepal. I was an "INNOCENT ABROAD" when I first visited India 37 years ago but I have become much wiser since then. I have met many delightful and honest people in the Indian sub-continent (having visited India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh). Up in the villages and mountains, the vast majority of people are friendly and trustworthy, often genuinely concerned about the well-being of visitors and their local environment. But the same CANNOT be said of everyone in the towns and big cities where one MUST be cautious and alert, otherwise one can end up tricked and cheated - though much the same applies to cities all over the world and corruption exists (including Britain), albeit sometimes more subtle, in every country!

At my lectures I often comment that many in the UK PREFER to support smaller charities, who have been recommended by EXPERIENCED British people like myself, who after DECADES of experience are more STREET-WISE - they have greater confidence the more will be better spent! We should make sure we support the GENUINE charities.

It does not reflect well on certain well-known leading figures, whom we trust, who blindly endorse certain charities, who are not just 'dodgy' but have conned the system and individual donors out of considerable sums. These 'celebrities' have a duty to take more care..... They appear remarkably naïve to me, that being the most generous interpretation of their conduct.