Chadwells in Iver since 1720; in & around Slough since 1600s

All the items below come from Pamela Chadwell's (nee Channon) local history archive.

From old print of Iver dated 1817 sent out by Reverend & Mrs Cresswell - bottom of high street with church and 'The Bull' pub to the right.

Platt's Store, top of Iver High Street after 1924

Methodist Church and Village Post Office after 1924

Brickies' Outing 1920s or 1930s; outside 'Fox & Pheasant'

Temperance Brass Band 1913 or 1914

Salute the Soldier Week - war-time, perhaps 1940

Pageant of Books Characters 1952: Arabian Nights; RAF Uxbridge Group 'Wooden Horse'

Postcard sent in 1954

Village from church tower after 1951

Village from church tower late 1920s


Tony (Anthony) Chadwell (Chris Chadwell's father) with grandmother and great aunts

John & Tony (Anthony) Chadwell at Updown Hill, Windlesham about 1931 (Photographer: Leonard Allan Chadwell, their father) with LEFT TO RIGHT- Elizabeth Chadwell, Florence Chadwell (their mother), Alice Chadwell, Willie Smith (husband of Alice)