As a child in Cranleigh in 1960s

Happy outside in May 1964 - almost 6 (he was a year and a half older when his excellent conduct was noted in the school report below)

Highly complimentary remarks my the teacher - though unlikely to be well-received by other pupils; sweets were even taken into school to attempt to buy friends, whilst fellow pupils were asked to be his friend - did not work but he has no recollection of being bullied whilst in Cranleigh.

Art-work from Chris' junior school in Cranleigh.

Snaps of what remains of the old Cranleigh village school (1847-1966) which Chris Chadwell attended briefly in the early 1960s.

Chris Chadwell delivered a digital presentation in a new lecture theatre at the rear of the building, which has been converted into an Arts Centre; wonderful for Chris to return more than 50 years later. Strangely, a long lost memory of an injury occurring at the school returned in March 2020 - a finger was cut deeply when the sharp metal edge of a crayon tin (he thinks) did the damage as the lid was knocked and trod on ..... This has brought back memory of another injury, this one at Lodge Farm, Stevenage.

Chris should have been warned as to the harsh reality of school-life to come, as unwisely brought his best marbles into school during the first week, eagerly participating in a game with an older, more experienced boy, promptly losing them all! At his home, one got marbles back ....... Money was tight at home, so no chance of purchasing replacements any time soon. It would have been better for him to be home-schooled from that time onwards.